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LIFESTYLE: La Bottega Milanese

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

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La Bottega Milanese is an Italian-style espresso bar that I came across during my day trip in Leeds this past week. I am very glad I found this place for two reasons:

1. My experience here confirmed that I just might be about that #CoffeeLife.

2. I also learned that I like + prefer British Ham as it tastes very different from American Ham.

So let's start with how I found this place--Google. I took a day trip to Leeds and I was feeling sluggish + hungry when I got off the coach bus... So I started searching for coffeeshops in the area. This actually wasn't the place I originally planned to go to, but the first coffeeshop I found looked extremely crowded from the outside window so I decided to go somewhere else.

The espresso bar was okay in terms of size. I found the staff to be quite friendly and helpful. As I have mentioned in another post, I am relatively new to the #CoffeeLifestyle so ordering/reading the menu is still a struggle for me. Luckily, the barista helped me choose a drink that she thought would best fit me. I told her that I recently started to drink coffee and that I didn't want anything too strong, so she recommended a cappuccino and well that's what I got!

I know all the experienced coffee drinkers reading this post are probably laughing at me... Yes, I know I got a basic cappuccino but bare with me folks, as I am new to this lifestyle. Anyways, Cappuccinos are bomb and so was the ham and cheese croissant that you see in the photo. I usually don't like ham, but British ham is just different. Surprisingly, it tastes good and it is also much thinner in size. I am not too sure why there's a difference in the taste but just know I will continue to put ham in my sandwiches + croissants until I leave the UK.

La Bottega Milanese offers a wide selection of affordable drinks and pastries. There is a little fee added to your order if you decide to sit in but the difference was about 30 pence so it's not too bad. Definitely would recommend anyone in the area to try it. The weather wasn't nice enough to sit outside but had it been a bit warmer, I think it would have been lovely. I am going to continue to try different types of coffee. So far I really like chocolate/mocha flavored drinks and cappuccinos. What type of drink I should try next? Feel free to list your suggestions in the comment section below!

Much Love,

-Kris x

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