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LIFESTYLE: I am Officially a College Graduate!! (Grad photos, reflections, future plans etc.)

I am proud to announce that I am officially an alum of University of Maryland, College Park. (UMD). On May 23, 2019 I walked across the stage and received a dual degree in Theatre and Broadcast Journalism (B.A).

**Photographer - Suze Creedon, @JustSuzeThings**

It's crazy to think about how fast four years went by. I still remember my first day on campus, moving in, the first faces met, my first night out etc. I also remember that I was extremely against coming to this school and I had the intent of transferring immediately after one semester. I still laugh about this today but Shout out God, the great relationships with my peers/faculty, stellar education, and in-state tuition made me stay! Transferring from this university would have been a mistake as I quickly learned that UMD was where I needed to be in order to grow into the woman I am today.

Big Takeaways from College:

1. Find your people and stick with them. Your friends will be greatest support system. You will need them and they will need you. Be there for them through the good and the bad as you would like/hope for them to be there for you. Communication is KEY.

2. College is the perfect time and place to fail. You will take a few loses and that's okay. You will also have some wins. It's all a part of life. Just make sure you reevaluate what you could have done better or what you could have avoided. Learn from your mistakes.

3. Study something you are truly passionate about and if you don't know what that is yet- experiment and take the time to figure it out. You'll have better experiences when you are happy, doing the things you truly enjoy or have an interest in.

**I talked a bit about my journey of choosing a major in a previous post: https://www.adventureswithkris.com/post/my-last-first-week-of-school

Figuring this out, set the path for me and made school so much more enjoyable.


-I am so grateful for the education/ learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom.

-I am so grateful for my beautiful relationships I have cultivated with my friends and professors.

-I am so grateful to the theatre department for allowing me to experiment with the type of artist I wanted to become.

-I am so grateful that my professors challenged me and pushed me out of my out of comfort zone.

-I am so grateful that I had a safe space to share my art.

-I am so grateful to all the talented people I have come across within the years, you are an inspiration!

What am I going to do next?

The dream has not changed, it has simply expanded. Currently, I am taking a break from school but will soon return to attend film school where I will earn an MFA in Cinematography. In the meantime, I will be working, creating content, directing and acting. Who knows, maybe I'll pick up a few new skills and/or hobbies along the away ;)

In due time, I will become one of the most influential storytellers + content creators my generation has to offer. Catch me on a TV screen/at a table read near you. Stay tuned to witness greatness.

-Much Love,

Kris x

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