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LIFESTYLE: "Ezra Says It's Sweet"

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

"Ezra says it's sweet"...and it truly was.

I came across this coffeehouse in the Northern Quarter of Manchester called "Ezra & Gil" yesterday and I must say it was truly a great experience! Ezra and Gil offers a warm and relaxed atmosphere and the minute you walk in, you can immediately sense that. I really loved the interior design of the venue and how spacious the room was. Guests had the option of sitting by a window with a nice view or a communal table. There is a large selection of affordable drinks and food you can order while you get your work done (as I did) or relax with a friend.

I visited this coffeeshop in the evening so I didn't get the opportunity to try their breakfast but the mocha coffee that I did order was amazing. I am relatively new to the coffee drinking world so I didn't have much to compare it to, but my taste buds usually don't lie. I think it is safe to add this to my list of top caffeinated drinks. As many of you may know I moved to Manchester a few months ago and while I am in Europe I plan to check out at least one coffeeshop in every city I visit...So If you have any suggestions, please list them in the comments section below!

Overall, I highly recommend anyone in the Manchester area to check it out Ezra & Gil if you have the opportunity. I most certainly will be back here before I leave (Most likely for Brunch) and I will update you on the quality of the food. I have a pretty good feeling it will be just as good.

Much Love,

-Kris x

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