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HBO's "Euphoria" is Changing the Narrative & Inviting Different Conversations to the Dinner Table

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

HBO’s Euphoria is breaking barriers and making a statement. The show portrays such realness in regard to the struggles modern high school students/adolescents are facing today.

"Jules Vaughn" portrayed by Hunter Schaefer Photo Credit: HBO

Euphoria doesn’t utilize labels or allow its characters to be defined by them. It is one of the very few shows that doesn’t allow the narrative of a transgender character (Jules) to be solely focused on the fact that he or she is trans. Instead, Euphoria follows the direction of, “Yes, I am trans but there’s more to who I am as an individual,” and I am finally glad that audiences are able to witness this through this show. The show also sheds light on the fact that transgender men and women undergo the same struggles that any cisgender man or woman would. We see Jules battle with boy and high school drama, family dynamics, the use of social media, friendships, sex, sexuality, drugs and much more. All of which either affect her directly or affect those who are close to her.

Zendaya Coleman (Rue) and Hunter Schaefer (Jules) Photo Credit: HBO

Euphoria emphasizes that transgender men and women have several dimensions to them; ultimately revolutionizing the narratives and presence of the LGBTQIA community in television. Compared to the former content that has been produced within the realm of film and television, Euphoria is truly a breath of fresh air.

Have you watched HBO's Euphoria yet? If so, what are your thoughts? What are your favorite moments/scenes from the show so far? Comment down below, let's discuss.

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