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TRAVEL: A Day in Glasgow, Scotland

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

I didn't spend much time in Glasgow but my experience in the city was quite nice. I came to Glasgow after my two day adventure in Edinburgh. The CityLink bus can get you to Glasgow in about an hour. I found Glasgow to be very different from Edinburgh. Visually, the city is much more modern and artistic. I also found Glasgow to be less crowded.

Here's some of the places I visited while in Glasgow:

I. Suspension Bridge:

Visit the Suspension Bridge located on South Portland Street. The bridge runs across the River Clyde, linking the city centre on the north and south side. You can find love locks on this bridge as well.

II. Mural Trail:

Walk through Glasgow's City Centre to find several pieces of street art. The Mural Trail adds color to the streets of Glasgow. You can fins all the pieces within walking distance of the centre. If you get lost, Google "Glasgow's Mural Trail" and you will find a map of where each piece is located.

III: Glasgow Cathedral:

IV. Necropolis:

The Necropolis is an ancient Victorian cemetery in Glasgow. It is located right next to the Glasgow Cathedral. Full of history snd architecture, over 50,000 burials have taken place at the Necropolis.

V. A few gems I came across in Glasgow:

My trip to Glasgow was very chill and relaxing. I had breakfast at Bill's Restaurant (22-24 W Nile St.) and lunch at the Blue Lagoon Fish & Chips, which can be found right next to Glasgow Central train station. I strongly recommend trying a Deep Fried Mars Bar when you are in Scotland. This dish originates from Scotland and is a Mars candy bar deep fried in batter. I tried one at the Blue Lagoon Fish & Chips and it was really good! I know it doesn't sound too good and it doesn't look appetizing but the taste makes up for that.

Scotland is a gorgeous country and I am glad I had the opportunity to visit! It is definitely on my list of Top 3 destinations. I fell in love with the country and I can't wait to visit again. I encourage all my readers to visit Scotland if you have the opportunity. Have you ever been to Scotland? If so, which city? Have you been to Glasgow? What was your favorite part about the city/country? Sound off in the comments section below. Make sure to check out my blog post about my adventure in Edinburgh!

Much Love,

-Kris x

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