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LIFESTYLE: 5 Instagram Accounts You Should Know (Photographer Edition)

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

The amount of time I spend on instagram is ungodly. However, this addicting app has exposed me to a wide number of talented individuals. Today I am going to share 5 instagram accounts of photographers + videographers that I am currently loving and drawing inspiration from.

1. Simone Bramante-

An Italian based storyteller, creative director and photographer. From the minute I stumbled upon his account, I fell in love. Bramante showcases richly colored photos of the people, places and things he comes across. He also documents his photo and video productions on his website (www.brahmino.com). I highly recommend giving it a look. Lovely content.

2. Alen Palander-

A creative director and photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

I am quite fond of Palander's editing skills/color palette. Heavy emphasize on shadows/blacks with pops of color along the way. His instagram stories/highlights are nicely fashioned and still manages to showcase eloquent stories. He also has a Youtube channel as well.

3. Joe Thomas-

A New York based travel and urban landscape photographer. I have been following his work for almost a year and I am still amazed by the quality of his content. A nice balance of between warm and cool tones with an emphasize on oranges/reds/yellows.

4. Peter McKinnon-

A Toronto-based photographer & filmmaker. One of the very first people I found on Youtube when I first decided to take up videography + photography. McKinnon has great tutorials on Lightroom editing, presets, photography and videography. Trust me when I tell you, this man is a light room genius.

5. Becki & Chris-

A new find but a good find. Becki and Chris are a married couple from Newfoundland and they currently reside in Buffalo, NY. One is a photographer (Becki) and the other is a radiologist (Chris). Together they create content/tutorials on Youtube about technology, photography and video etc. I really appreciate their instagram themes and subtle transitions.

These are only five of the thousands of accounts I am following. For me, they are something to aspire to.

What are your favorite instagram accounts? Where do you get your inspiration from? Is there anyone I should know about?

Black Women + POC when I was putting together this post, I realized there aren't many of us in similar avenues as the people listed above. If you know any black women and/or people of color in general who are killing the game right now please comment their info down below! I also don't follow many white women in this avenue so feel free to introduce me to some of your favorites. I know they are out there and we are in desperate need of diversity. Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

-Kris x

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